President’s Profile

Dr Vanilyn Brown-Daley was born in the beautiful garden parish of St. Ann,

Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Sciences is one of Six nominated for the Nation Builder Award held at the Pegasus Hotel Jamaica on October 22, 2015

Jamaica. She Migrated to the United Kingdom at a tender age where she later studied and pursued a career in Nursing and Midwifery.

She eventually emigrated to the United States of America where her passion for nursing led her to establish the Sigma College of Nursing.

Her love for the homeland and drive to give back to the country of her birth, led her to spread her wings and thus she along with her sister established the Sigma College of Nursing & Applied Sciences in Brown’s Town St. Ann. The goal was to assist with the training of healthcare professionals to ensure the continued growth of the health sector in Jamaica.

Dr Brown-Daley credits her belief in God and her willingness to always put Him first as the driving force behind the continued growth and success of Sigma College of Nursing & Applied Sciences. She firmly believes that caring for others is the greatest gift one can give. She is a born fighter who believes that a challenge is a conduit success, and thus one must face the challenges without fear.

Sigma College trains individuals for healthcare and the applied sciences such as Social work, Counselling, educational Management. We endeavour to equip persons with learning experiences in an environment which fosters success, thus enabling them to soar “With Wings as Eagles”