Applying for College Transcripts 

All official transcripts will include a record of a student’s courses completed for each semester/year, grades and credit hours.

How do I request a Transcript?

Option 1: Apply in person

Please complete a transcript request form at the reception area along with your payment.

Option 2: Telephone/Email/Fax

Initial telephone and email requests must be followed up with a completed form and payment at the reception area within 2 days. Tel/Fax (876) 917-7027.  Our email address is The following information is required: name under which you were registered; date of birth; programme you pursued at this institution; present address and contact number; the year you started and the year you completed; the address where the transcript is to be sent.

What is the cost of a transcript? 

  • Official transcripts will cost US$20.00 dollars/JA$1600.00 This includes transcripts for the end of your course or end of each academic year and any transcript requests received during the academic year.
  • Each additional copy when requested at the same time: US$10 /JD$1000 dollars

Preparation time 

  • Transcripts are prepared within 5-10 working Express Service
  • In extreme circumstances, transcripts can be requested within two (2) working days at the discretion of the Administration, and if it is The charge for this service is US$25.00/JA$2,400.00.
  • A one (1) hour service is also available at a cost of US$35.00/JA$3,500.00 at the discretion of the Administration.

Note: Express preparation is not available to applicants who are not in good financial standing with the College

How are Official transcripts sent? 

Official transcripts are sent in sealed envelopes directly to the address (es) you have provided.  If required, via registered mail, which can take up to two weeks.

Official transcripts for the student’s own purpose will be given to the student within an envelope and must be collected by the student unless authorization is given by that student for another individual to collect on their behalf.  If the transcript is collected by another person it will be placed in an envelope and sealed.

Please note that when other institutions, whether they be educational or credential evaluation services (e.g. CGFNS), require you to request a transcript you may also need to complete a form from them giving us the authorization to release the information. Many of these institutions also request further information after the initial transcript has been sent. If this is the case you will be contacted by the registrar or administration assistants, with regards to any additional cost which will be incurred, in the processing of further documentation.

There is a charge of JA $1000 or US$ 15 to complete any document/ form.

Transcripts may be sent by fax overseas at a cost US$10.00/JA$600.00 and locally at a cost of JA$400.00. (This does not include the cost of the transcript).

Transcripts can be delivered by courier, the cost to be determined on submission of the Transcript request form.

NOTE: Transcript will not be issued if you are not in good financial standing with the College.  Courier delivery can only be delivered to a street address, not a PO Box address.


 Payment must be made at the Administration Office which is open between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Mon-Thu and 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Fridays.

Payment can be made by money or postal order, which must be sent with the written request.  Payment can also be wired directly to the College account, National Commercial Bank (NCB), Brown’s Town branch. The College can be contacted in respect of banking account and wire details

Kindly send all requests for the attention of:

The Registrar’s Office

Sigma College of Nursing & Applied Sciences, 34 Top Road,

Brown’s Town PO Box 437, St Ann, Jamaica W.I.


Sigma College may accept transfer credits from similar programmes run by licensed institutions.  However, Sigma College cannot guarantee that its credits will transfer to another Institution.  Students are advised to check with the receiving Institution before assuming any or all credits will be transferable.

Need a Transcript Request Form?