This application form can be filled out on a computer and then Printed.                                                                                                                  

  1. The Applicant shall purchase an Application Form at the cost prevailing.
  2. Submit application form:
    • In person
    • via registered to our mailing address
    • currier (Tara or Mail Pac)
    • Do Not send original documents through the mail
  3. On-Line: Applicants requesting an application form electronically shall make payment when submitting the application.
  4. Where applications are submitted by postal services, applicants may pay on the date of the interview.
  5. Where a deadline date was not advertised, the applicant will contact the College for a deadline date for the submission of an application form
  6. Schedule an interview date.  The applicant must be dressed appropriately for an interview.
  7. Successful applicants will receive information regarding registration.
  8. The required fee shall be paid prior to or on the date of registration and the successful applicant will produce a valid payment voucher receipt.
  9. Successful applicants must complete and sign a Registration Agreement on the date of registration.
  10. Applicants who are enrolled on the date of registration must attend orientation.
  11. Applicants are then successfully enrolled in the College and are entitled to all the privileges that such enrolment allows.
  12. The College shall inform the applicants in writing whether they are successful or not. Where possible, the College will let applicants know on the day of the interview if they have been successful.


  • Application fee: $500
  • Completed application form, (Note: International students having qualifications differing from the required ones are to liaise with the University Council of Jamaica for confirmation of the equivalent qualification.)
  • Completed Medical Form and a Copy of his/her Immunization Card,
  • 4 certified passport size pictures, (4 PHOTOS FOR BSN AND 2 FOR RN-BSN, PN OR ANY OTHER COURSE)
  • 3 Typed References – (a) EAN/RN-BScN-(one on your current workplace letter head from a Matron or Sister and the other two can be from a JP or Pastor),   (b) Other Applicants-JP, Pastor and Past
  • School
  • And 2 copies of the required following documents together with the originals:
  • (EAN/RN-BScN APPLICANTS) Current Nursing License and the First card received when registering with the Nursing Council of Jamaica or the letter received * International Nursing students – first card or letter received from the relevant registration authority.
  • TRN
  • Photo ID (National ID/ Passport/ Drivers Licenses)
  • Nursing Diploma (EAN/RN-BSN APPLICANTS)
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Previous School Transcript (EAN/RN-BSN) students should request transcript from Previous School)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

If an applicant is not able to attend an interview they must contact the College to re-schedule.

Mailing Address:
34 Top Road,
P O Box 437, Brown’s Town, St Ann, 
Jamaica W.I.